Testing of aids and motion analysis

Within Mobilab & Care we have an extensive test infrastructure. We use it for analysing motion and for testing orthopedic (and other) devices. This gives us the opportunity to test existing devices (orthopedic, preventive exoskeletons in the work environment, etc.) but also, during the design of new devices, to continuously investigate their functioning.

In our Motion Lab we  measure how people move, which forces act on the human body and which muscles are used.

Our lab is equipped with 3D motion cameras (CodaMotion®), pressure plates, force plates, motion sensors (Captiv), EMG sensors and a 4D back scanning system (Diers®). We already used these in the analysis of the function of lower leg prosthetics, ankle foot orthotics, foot orthotics, exoskeletons used in a work environment and so much more.

With our (bio-)mechanical tests, we test, among other things, the stiffness and strength properties of existing devices. We can also perform long-term repetition of the same movement pattern. For example, we already tested newly developed prosthetics for fatigue by having a robotic gait simulator step with this prosthetic for several million gait cycles. Furthermore, we were also able to validate new measurement systems by checking whether those measurement systems recognized the imposed kinematic pattern.

In addition to our “in vivo” testing, we also do simulations. Finite element and musculoskeletal simulations allow us to simulate the operation of devices prior to manufacturing them.

Finally, we also use all this knowledge when designing or optimizing existing devices. For example, we developed an elbow exoskeleton that can be used in rehabilitation and, at the request of occupational therapists, we made personalized devices that can be used by their clients.


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Robotic gait simulator

Shimmer sensor

Byteflies sensor dot



Trigno Emg (Delsys)

Pressure plate (Rsscan)

Diers formetric 4D



4 Quintic High speed camera’s

Pedar in shoe plantar presure measuring system (Novel)

Four Hebi series elastic actuators which we use in exoskeleton applications

Dynamic AFO-testrig for cyclic testing of ankle-foot-orthoses

Taurus test bed with Apptronik series elastic actuator with impedance controller